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Feel free to contact the Manager Jackie Alvarado if you wish to book Chillin'thePoet for a visit or to order our merchandise.

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BOOK Triple C for a visit! E​mail us at 


Chillin' the Courageous Coyote Meets the Young Kids

A story of a coyote named Chillin' The Courageous Coyote (Triple C) who runs into three kids in the woods. Meet Blue, Magic, and Lucky. See how they become friends and help each other out. 


This is the first book of a series. 

Chillin' The Courageous Coyote Makes His Decision

Triple C makes his decision... Will he visit his friends at school?

Mission Statement 

“Success: Acknowledging self-worth in your everyday life by reaching your full potential to accomplish all goals. Not being defeated, but rather defeating the world against all odds. Success cannot be bought, but can be worth a lot. I am a witness that dreams do come true; so live your dream and be successful. Don’t let yesterday stop you from being a better person tomorrow…”

- Montrell Chillin' the Poet Goss

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