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Reviewd by Susie .

Will you be my friend? Words that any child loves to hear. Chillin’ (the Courageous Coyote) wants to hear them too! “Chillin’ the Courageous Coyote meets the Young Kids” is the first in a series of books written by Montrell “Chillin’ the Poet” Goss.

The story relates the desire young kids have for a place to play and the courage of “Chillin’” to make that happen.

The tale is told in freestyle poetry. It provides not only a story, but is infused with learning opportunities: friendship, safety, common sense and effort are dispensed throughout the tale. A cloze activity, a word search and a maze are bonus features, at the end of the book.

Nothing happens without effort! Chillin’ and the young kids will display that skill in this story!

Reviewd by Susie. I am a retired primary teacher, and love books. After retirement I have held several volunteer positions. Including: classroom helper, SMART (Start Making a Reader), but my favorite has been the variety of positions I have held for OBOB (Oregon Battle of the Books). If I were still teaching, “Chillin’ the Courageous Coyote Meets the Young Kids” by Montrell “Chillin’ the Poet” Goss would be part of my classroom library!

Reviewed by Cynthia 

I was intrigued after watching your interview where you explained the story line of your new children’s book and how

“Chillin’ the courageous coyote” overcomes the misconception people have of him. Also, the fact that you once struggled with reading and writing and never gave up is very encouraging and inspiring.

My kids and I read “Chillin’ The Courageous Coyote,” and almost three weeks later, my kids were able to recall the story and the names of the three kids.

They’re looking forward to reading more about “Chillin’ the Courageous Coyote.”

My daughter was excited for activities at the end, and proudly tattooed “Chillin’ the Courageous Coyote” on her. I was very pleased with this story because it teaches my kids, “not to judge a book by its cover,” and always be ready to make a difference in someone’s life.

Reviewed by Beverly 

I read your book to my 2 month old granddaughter last night before bed.

This little girl was engaged and loved it. The book kept her attention with the beautiful colors.

I enjoyed the interaction that this story has as far as the Coyote and the kids . It shows that loneliness does not last always.

And someone may be feeling the way you do and you did not have a clue, until you found a clue!

Good story.

Reviewed By Nikki

My family loved your kids book,l loved the fact that it’s about acceptance and meeting new friends,it’s not only in English but Spanish as well that’s awesome.

Best regards Nikki.

Reviewed by Jante

Trell G!! (Go head brotha!)

Thank you for rewriting history! Thank you for giving our children/adults a beautiful reminder that we are ALL different but can still love and be friends with one another!! It was such a fresh an fun illustrated book i had to get two!!! Lol...thanks again for blessing my family! P.s we loved the activities in the back too!! My friend also wants/needs one for her classroom! Keep them coming!!

In this one of a kind children’s book 'Chilling he Courageous Coyote Meets the Young Kids', Trell “Chilling the poet” gracefully delivers a very special, realistic and relevant story line which I believe all demographics can relate to. It’s a simple yet heavy plot that highlights a prevalent topic, 'grouping'; that's often overlooked within today’s society. Both adults and children experience 'grouping' daily from talents and race to social status and cultural background. To add, the unique and equally distributed multi-colored characters adds a sense of life and unity to the plot and pages that’ll have you impatiently waiting for part two…

always sending love and light,


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